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The Diamond Ateliers founder Don S, a third-generation jeweller, put it as thus: " It's rather revolutionary in the sense that it is pushing down prices like never before, and there's almost no other industry that has a substitute that is so perfect yet so much cheaper.

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Our Clients Say

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finally received the ring i customised!!! thank you @shawnnicunique for getting me what i want, and @d.siahtj for making my dream ring!!! some might say, “like that no surprise ley”. well, surprise element can come from something/somewhere else! since we’re alrdy going to spend a bit of money on the proposal ring, why not get something i like right? plus @shawnnicunique was quite lax on finding the proposal ring so i got tired of waiting i told him i want to customise my own ring😅🤣

don’t mean to double post, but we’ve gotten a number of questions about the ring, so here’s how it looks up close!!! it was an enjoyable journey customising my proposal ring, and we’re gonna get our wedding bands customised too!

check them out (or hint your bf) if you’re looking to customise your own proposal ring/wedding bands!
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