Lifelong Membership

We offer a complimentary Diamond Ateliers membership to all our clients that lasts forever!

Once a client of Diamond Ateliers,

always a friend of Diamond Ateliers!


You will have exclusive discounts and lifelong servicing!!

We are here to make your transition into married life a whole lot easier.

So we thought about what else we could do that other than providing you with a beautiful ring at valued prices

and this is our answer.

The Value Bundle

This value bundle (worth $550) is given to all Diamond Ateliers clients. 

There are splendid discounts to services which you will need for your dream wedding.

Have a look!

Got a proposal ring from us? Get a lifelong $100 off any other jewelry and to top off the cherry on the cake, $150 off when you get your wedding band with us.

$100 off

The host of your biggest day.

Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding should never be a mere formality.

Make it memorable,

make it fuss-free,

why choose otherwise?

$100 off


To be announced

A reputable suit maker that ensures that you look your best on the best day of your life.

$100 off

To be announced

The absolutely professional and fun photographer that helps you capture the best moment in your life 

allowing you to live your moments again everytime you look at the photos

$100 off


To be announced

To be announced

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A wide variety of dresses to fit any personality and style. A much better way to ensure sustainable living as well as looking classy without breaking the bank.