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Choosing the Perfect Number of Prongs for Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

When it comes to designing a bespoke engagement ring, every element counts, especially the number of prongs that will cradle your precious gemstone. Prongs are not just a structural necessity; they contribute to the ring's overall aesthetic and can influence the stone's brilliance and security. Choosing the right number of prongs is a critical step in creating a ring that resonates with personal style and contemporary trends.

For all the brides-to-be, Gen Z, and Millennials looking for uniqueness and sophistication, we’re breaking down the popular prong settings: 4 prongs, 5 prongs, and 6 prongs, to help you find the perfect fit for your dream ring.

4 Prong Setting - The Quintessential Classic

The 4 prong setting is a timeless choice, offering both security and an unobstructed view of the gemstone. It allows more light to pass through the diamond, increasing its ability to shimmer and shine. A 4 prong setting is ideal for those who favor a minimalist yet elegant design.


  • Maximizes the stone's brilliance by allowing more light exposure.

  • Suitable for almost any diamond shapes and sizes.

  • Provides a clean, modern look that appeals to many.


  • May offer slightly less security for the stone than settings with more prongs.

  • Requires careful maintenance to ensure prongs remain intact.

5 Prong Setting - The Rare Beauty

While less common than its 4 or 6 counterparts, the 5 prong setting is for those who seek distinctiveness. It’s particularly fitting for unique stone shapes that might benefit from an odd number of prongs. Celebrate individuality with this uncommon design.


  • Distinctive look that sets your ring apart.

  • Slightly more secure than 4 prong settings due to the additional prong.

  • Intriguing symmetry for unconventional diamond cuts.


  • Less traditional, which could affect future ring modifications or choices in bands.

  • More complex design may necessitate a specialized jeweler.

6 Prong Setting - The Epitome of Security

The 6 prong setting is a classic design that exudes romance and provides ample protection for your gemstone. It creates a delicate floral effect that can enhance the appearance of the stone, making it appear larger and more radiant.


  • Offers additional security for your gemstone, keeping it firmly in place.

  • The prongs can make the diamond appear larger due to the created visual effect.

  • A deeply romantic and traditional appeal, ideal for those seeking a vintage vibe.


  • Can slightly reduce the amount of light that hits the stone compared to a 4 prong setting.

  • More prongs can mean more maintenance to keep the ring at its most stunning.

In conclusion, the choice between 4, 5, and 6 prong settings for your bespoke engagement ring really comes down to your personal preference and priorities around stone security, aesthetics, and your lifestyle. It’s a decision that not only keeps your gemstone secure but also reflects your style and the special bond it symbolizes.

Engagement rings are a testament to love, and choosing the number of prongs is just one way to add your personal touch. Whether you find beauty in the simplicity of a 4 prong design, the uniqueness of 5, or the traditional romance of 6 prongs, your ring should be as one-of-a-kind as your love story.

Remember, no matter the number of prongs, regular maintenance and care is key to ensuring your ring stands the test of time. Now, equipped with this knowledge, may your bespoke ring be a true reflection of your relationship – unique, secure, and brilliant.

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