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Creating The Perfect Engagement Ring With Diamond Ateliers

As magnificent as they are, engagements can burn quite a hole in your pocket. Of course, you want to choose the perfect bespoke engagement ring that symbolises the beginning of an ethereal chapter in your love story, but as most of us know, diamonds and other precious gems don’t come at an easy price. Considering that you need to set money aside for all the festivities, searching for a reasonably-priced yet equally astonishing lab-grown diamond engagement ring is the smartest idea!

However, most people are concerned that lab-grown diamond engagement rings aren’t as dazzling as genuine ones. In other words, they fear that the ring's value is compromised by not having natural gems, thus making it less valuable. Well, the team behind Diamond Ateliers is here to tell you otherwise! We can help you create the perfect custom engagement ring without compromising on quality and luminosity! If you’re a millennial couple, here are a few reasons why you should consider us for your iconic milestone.

Lab-Grown Diamonds - The Perfect Sustainable Alternative

If you’ve ever looked at the price for natural diamonds, it’s perfectly normal to feel lightheaded for a moment. A 1ct natural will cost 10-15k whereas a 1ct D VVS2 lab is only 1700! Adding the cost of creating the ring itself along with the gems, the price can reach quite an overwhelming mark. However, there is also the sustainable factor. Mining diamonds can lead to environmental damage. So you are not only paying for the diamond but you are also costing the environment. That’s why our engagement rings are made with lab-grown diamonds. These artificial gems look quite similar to the real thing, yet they’re valued at a significantly lower cost. Not only that, but lab-grown diamonds are also friendlier toward the environment, making them a perfect option for eco-conscious couples.

If you want to learn more about the subject, check out this blog.

Precise Attention To Detail

At Diamond Ateliers, we understand that every couple is one-of-a-kind, which is why our custom engagement rings are a complete reflection of you! No two rings are the same, as all of them are made based on your unique requirements, resulting in a piece that you’ll value for a lifetime. From the prongs to the gem's shape and even the details of the band, we’ll ensure that your engagement ring is exactly as you’ve envisioned.

Ease of Work

Creating a bespoke engagement ring is no easy task, so you need dedicated jewellery designers to provide the best service. If you choose us, your ring will be created with precise measurements, ensuring the best fit. Additionally, to be fully bespoke, we’ll provide you with several options for the size of the gem, as well as suggestions on how to make the most out of your budget.

As you can see, Diamond Ateliers is your safest bet to get a eco-friendly engagement ring without compromising on its value. To get a clear understanding of the way we work, we invite you to check out the rest of our blogs. One thing’s for sure – by choosing us, you’ll have the perfect ring without spending a fortune!

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