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Standard 4-Prongs vs. NSEW Prongs Bespoke Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, the devil is in the detail — and the detail, in many cases, lies in the prongs. These small metal claws, the unsung heroes of engagement rings, hold the centre stone with the poise of a ballet dancer. However, prongs are not just functional; they contribute significantly to the aesthetics and overall story of your ring.

The choice between the classic standard 4-prong setting and the more contemporary NSEW prongs of bespoke rings isn't just about style; it's a reflection of personal taste, practicality, and even the love story behind the bling.

This deep-dive post will guide Brides-to-be, Engagement ring shoppers, millennials, and Gen Z through the intricacies of prong selection and how it can make all the difference in finding a ring that truly encapsulates your personal narrative.

Standard 4-Prongs Engagement Rings

Why the Classics Endure

When you think of an engagement ring, chances are you're envisioning a single solitaire diamond held aloft by four delicate prongs. This design is revered for many reasons, including its timelessness and the way it lets the diamond take center stage. The standard 4-prong setting offers a balance of security and visibility, making it an ideal choice for the bride who appreciates simplicity and tradition.

Time-Tested Resilience

The 4-prong setting is renowned for its ability to showcase a diamond's brilliance by allowing ample light to enter the stone. This has a particularly dazzling effect with round cuts but complements other shapes too, from the princess and cushion cuts to the emerald and pear.

Adaptable Elegance

The 4-prong setting is particularly versatile, pairing well with various wedding bands and stacking rings. It also ages gracefully, maintaining its elegance without looking dated. This adaptability is what keeps the classic 4-prong setting a firm favourite among brides and jewellers alike.

NSEW Prongs Bespoke Engagement Rings

Going Beyond the Norm

For the couple who seeks a ring as unique as their love story, NSEW prongs have emerged as an avenue for creative expression. Unlike their four-pointed counterparts, these prongs are symmetrically placed "North, South, East, and West," ensuring equal balance and a modern twist to the traditional setting.

A Personal Touch

Custom engagement rings have increasingly become the choice for those who want a stronger reflection of their relationship's unique qualities. Bespoke NSEW prongs can be a subtle nod to a shared direction in life, a home that anchors the heart, or simply, a distinctive design preference.

The Importance of Customization

With a bespoke ring, the finger on the design is yours. You can opt for thicker prongs for a more substantial look, or daintier ones for a barely-there feel. The prongs themselves can add a pop of colour with various gold alloys or even be studded with miniature diamonds for extra sparkle.

A Detailed Comparison

Weighing Aesthetics and Function

The imperative choice between the two boils down to personal style and the design's long-term appeal. Standard 4-prong rings are the epitome of elegance, showcasing the diamond's beauty without eclipsing it. The NSEW prongs, however, offer a more contemporary and sometimes subtle appearance that suits modern tastes.

Practical Considerations

When it comes to security, both prong styles are equally capable if well-crafted. However, over time, the NSEW prongs may require more attention as they inherently have more points of potential wear than the classic 4-prongs. This is something to consider for those leading an active lifestyle or working with their hands frequently.

The Decision-Making Process

Choosing between the two prong styles should ideally involve trying on different rings and seeing them in various lighting conditions. Consider the day-to-day activities of the wearer, the desired aesthetic, and how the ring fits into your shared story. The decision should be as carefully chosen and memorable as the ring itself.

Appealing to Every Taste

The Bridal Preferences

Standard 4-prong rings continue to be cherished for their simplicity, elegance, and prominence of the diamond. For the traditional bride, there is a romance in the unchanged grace of these rings that simply can't be surpassed.

The New Wave of Brides

In contrast, NSEW prongs cater to a more contemporary bride looking to stand out with a ring that holds a deeper narrative. These women seek not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of a unique connection that defies convention.


The ring that symbolizes the commitment and love shared by two people is an undoubted heirloom. Whether it’s the timeless charm of the standard 4-prongs or the distinctive allure of NSEW prongs in bespoke rings, the selection of each component should be as much a part of the story as the ring itself. The final resonating note in this engagement ring symphony is personal choice. In choosing your prongs, you choose the balance between tradition and innovation, between practicality and individualism. It’s a choice that merges the classic with the contemporary, much like a successful marriage itself. To design your bespoke engagement ring, book an appointment with Diamond Ateliers today! 💍✨

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