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After Sales

For our valued clients, we got you covered!

How long you may ask - it is lifelong!

Cause you simply have to keep wearing the best diamond engagement rings in Singapore.

Lifelong Resizing

Plus minus 2 ideally, but usually workable

Do note FULL eternity type of diamond rings are not resizable

Resizing is also imperfect - hence do expect slight changes to the ring as the ring is cut and then melded back.

Measuring Gold Ring
Polishing ring
Polishing ring

Lifelong Polishing

Yes, we have not invented unscratchable diamond rings..

There is nothing a good polish cannot solve.

Add the shine back after some wear and hopefully no tear...

Add the bling back to your diamond ring.

Lifelong Warranty on manufacturing defects

Stones barely do come out, less than 1% usually but if they do ever, come back and we pop in another free.

All for the perfect diamond rings.

**** does not apply to centre stones

Polishing ring

Discount on other jewellery

Wedding bands!

Bespoke jewellery!

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