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​四点钻 by Diamond Ateliers

Originated as a Teochew tradition, the 四点金 is part of the Bride's dowry- gifted to the bride before the ceremony and worn during.


As the name suggests, it includes 4 pieces of jewellery- Necklace, Earrings, Ring and a Bracelet. It is typically a gift from the Bride-to-be’s Mother-in-law.


The ”人“ above the word “金” symbolises a sturdy, dependable roof for the bride. At the same time, the luxurious gift encompasses the wish for wealth and comfort.


Traditionally, 四点金 were made in pure gold. Hence it is often kept away and unused due the malleability of the pure gold.


With the millennials’ practicality in mind, our team at Diamond Ateliers has worked very hard to come up with our own “四点钻” collection.

Our own Diamond Ateliers Collections will feature timeless pieces that can be worn everyday! It will include a single solitaire necklace, a pair of solitaire ear studs, a 3 stone ring and a 3-5 solitaires bracelet.

All stone sizes can be customisation to suit your budget and the look the bride-to-be is looking for. Setting for stones on the ear studs, pendant, ring and bracelet can all be altered to the bride-to-be’s preferences.

We want to create timeless, enduring and lasting jewellery that can be worn everyday instead of being hidden in the safe. Fully customisable, wearable, affordable and of the highest quality.


Our 四点钻 collection can be made in Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold.


Lab-grown and Natural Diamonds both available

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