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Lifetime Service With Us

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Lifelong dedication to service

When you forge your rings with us, it creates a special relationship that endures forever. Even after leaving our store, you will always be welcomed back for post purchase services with us. Discover our available services below.

Happily Ever After Sales

We designed our rings to last a lifetime, much like your enduring commitment to each other. For our precious couples, you will receive lifelong coverage for the best diamond engagement and wedding rings in Singapore.

Lifelong Resizing

Over time, couples grow together in their relationship. Similarly, we understand if your ring is no longer best fitting for you. We provide lifelong resizing within a range of +/- 2 in ring size. Do kindly note that the full eternity types of diamond rings are not resizable. Resizing may also be imperfect – do expect slight changes to your ring as the resizing process requires for the ring to be cut and melded back.

Lifelong Maintenance

Stones rarely fall out of its ring, but in case they do, we have you covered as well. Just come back to our store and we will replace it for you*.

*does not apply to center stones

Lifelong Polishing

Relationships and rings both have to withstand the wear and tear of time, in order to come back more brilliantly. Thankfully, most scratches on your rings can be removed with a good polish from us, and restored to their sparkling selves.